Research Opportunities

There are many opportunities to participate in research while at Augustana College. The first is through the student research department in C.O.R.E. You can learn more about how to begin creating your own research experience by clicking HERE.

A second opportunity for research exists by assisting your faculty members with their research which span most of the majors at Augie. These studies range from insect documentation to psychology studies, watershed testing, and many other areas of interest. To become involved in faculty research please connect with your faculty members and academic advisors.

The final way to conduct research is through one of the many formalized research experiences that Augie is a part of or through other colleges. These experiences are called “Research Experiences for Undergraduate Students” or REUs for short. REU experiences are some of the most competitive in the nation and are many times paid experiences with travel, lodging, and food covered by the program. Pay ranges anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 for up to 10 weeks of work (on site at another college campus, or as a part of a trip out of the country), mostly over the summer. These programs are many times also eligible for Augie Choice and range from studying Birds of Prey to Department of Defense drone projects, studies on educational environments, and economic impact studies on small businesses. Most REU experiences are designed for only domestic students as they are funded by the federal government, however many exist that have additional funding for international students.

Click HERE for international student friendly experiences (make sure to select Non-U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents are eligible).

If you are a domestic student click on any of the links below or HERE to identify opportunities funded through the National Science Foundation.

Additionally, click HERE for medical experiences through the American Association of Medical Colleges.

Finally, one of the many opportunities Augustana College offers to its students is the Texas Medical Center Internship. This is another highly competitive experience and Augie sends only 15 students to it per year. The experience is open to all students and all majors. In this experience students are placed, and will work with, professionals at the Baylor College of Medicine in a field related to their major or general area of interest.

By Joe Giffen
Joe Giffen Career Coach